Your positivity and encouragement brightened

Your positivity and encouragement brightened my days

You inspired me to begin this new chapter in my life Sir

I’ll always remember attending your class. You are the best teacher!

Mani Venkatesh

Man with a mission –

Man with a mission – Sripal Jain!

Passing all 4 sections of CPA is incomplete without a Certificate/License.

As an International student, sitting for exams typically in the Middle East testing centers, 3 years is the time limit for Certification (in general). As an Indian B.Com + C.A., living in India, obtaining a License (without proper guidance/handholding) is a herculean task.

Whilst, I did manage to pass all 4 sections of Uniform CPA Examination, in March, 2016 (all first attempts – thanks to Becker Material), I faced with a general lack of information/help, when it came to Certification (active or inactive!). Let me add that most of the CPA training academies in India (I interacted with) lack basic knowledge when it comes to the workings or suitability of the various State Boards in the US. So they are unable/unwilling to provide any concrete advise or solution, beyond just marketing/selling their CPA study material.

I happened to come across M/s. SIMANDHAR EDUCATION LLP., just 2 days ago (through Becker Website)! My initial interaction with Mr. Sripal Jain was so reassuring that I am now seeing light at the end of the long tunnel. I realised that he is not just heading another Becker Academy, but rather a person with in-depth knowledge, who can offer end-to-end solutions. He was kind enough to immediately connect me with a gentleman, who I understand now, has extensive experience with the procedural aspects and the myriad rules of the various State Boards of Accountancy. In fact this gentleman has already reviewed my case and has set the ball rolling!

I shall certainly update this forum, once my certification process is complete. This will certainly benefit many aspiring CPA students.

I once again thank Mr. Sripal Jain for his invaluable guidance and swift action! GOD BLESS!

Karthik. R
former Group Financial Controller – Middle East Employer
B.Com., CA, CIA, CISA (pending certification)

Karthik Ramamurthi

Iam so grateful to have

Iam so grateful to have an awesome teacher like Sripal sir. You make every class so interactive, cheerful and interesting and which is very important to every teacher to make this to deliver his best to the students. You’ve have been so much more than a teacher to us. The passion you have for teaching and what you teach is contagious and a big -“Thank you “ for sharing your wisdom and for being such an amazing person.

Rudra Kanth- CMA USA

Sripal – As I know

Sripal – As I know him, creative and enthusiast right from the start when I met him. Being a professional myself I always approach him for any query related to technical topics. He always got me a solution with user friendly explanation for the complex questions I raised.

I am amazed with his love and dedication towards coaching, mentoring people and wish him all the very best for this endeavour of generating interest amongst students towards international courses.

Hemanth Vyas


I am very lucky to have been taught by a great teacher like sripal jain and his team. He is one amongst the few who completely focuses on concepts. His sessions are very exciting to attend as they are very interactive which ensure that each and every student understands .
I am his CMA USA student and I am currently pursing my internship from deloitte



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