Proud moments…. official launch of Simandhar Education’s partnership with Becker International

What a day it was! Mingling of like minded and passionate Simandhar team, inquisitive minds and supportive crowd, enthusiastic Becker’s Benjamin… each led to successful official launch of dream partnership project Simandhar Education!

Participants listened carefully about prospects of having CPA, CMA titles after their name with Becker’s Benjamin, Simandhar’s Bala.
It was awesome Q&A at the end… Bala, Sripal, Suraj handing aptly those questions by sharing their career experiences for the need of professional titles enthused audience.
Last 5 minutes into the close, it was Sripal who enthused crowds with his one or two line punches, introducing his fiancee and brain behind Simandhar.. smiling Poonam with louder claps from the audience.
Sravan too shared his experiences and advise to the aspirants and concluded the session with vote of thanks