Go Global is the event conducted by a group of Chartered Accountants to create awareness among people about the global opportunities available and how to crack them. It’s the event which talks about the journey of few legends from accounting professional who has gone local to global successfully.

The event was conducted by Simandhar Education (approved training partner for CPA(USA), CMA(USA) in India by Becker Professional Education) and Lnco Tax Advisors (UAE). The Duo couple CA, CPA Sripal Jain, and CA Poonam Jain are the co-founders of Simandhar Education. The Institute aims to provide education of International courses among Indian students. The Co-founder and Chairman of Lnco Tax Advisors(UAE) are CA Dayaniwas Sharma. The firm is 3 years old but it has a Global presence in 8 countries.

This kind of knowledge sharing session on global opportunities was conducted first time in Hyderabad. The program was conducted to elucidate the promising global opportunities which are now available to the professionals in the field of accounting and taxation highlighting the importance for professional in the field of accounting to open up their operations globally with international courses like CPA(USA), CMA(USA), UAE VAT. The event was conducted free of cost and the turnaround for the event was more than 120 even though it was Sunday.

The eminent speakers were part of national and International accounting bodies like ICAI, Becker Professional Education (USA), IMA (USA) respectively. The eminent speakers of the event were Benjamin Wong, Managing Director, Becker Professional Education (USA); CA, CPA Gaurav Kapahi; CA Dayaniwas Sharma, Chairman Lnco Tax Advisors(UAE); CA,CPA Sripal Jain, Co-Founder Simandhar Education, CA Radhika Verma, Indirect Tax Partner, Lnco Tax Advisors (UAE), Fenil Vaddaken IMA,Country Head-India(IMA),Dinesh Agarwal, Co-Founder V3 Staffing.

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