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There's no prior qualification required if you wish to pursue EA. A graduate with basic accounting knowledge can apply for the same, but the applicant must prove his/her competency for the tax-pertaining content. This can happen in two ways:

  1. Clear the Special Enrollment Exam (EA Exam):
  2. To pursue the dream of becoming an EA, a candidate must obtain PTIN passing scores on all three parts of the Special Enrollment Examination (Individuals, Businesses and Representation, Practices, and Procedures), which unfolds a significant area of Internal Revenue Code. There' s no definite pattern. There is no definite order to attempt the exam. The candidate has the liberty to take any section as first. The only necessity is to clear all the three sections to earn the EA certification.

  3. IRS Experience
  4. Candidates must have worked at the IRS for five consecutive years in a position that regularly engages in applying and interpreting the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and the regulations relating to income, estate, gift, employment, or excise taxes.

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Kind of questions are on the EA exam
  • Despite popular opinion, the EA exam will never ask you to fill out a tax form. Instead, you will put your mastery of tax law to the test as you apply it to a variety of circumstances.
    There are three types of multiple-choice questions on the exam:

    • Direct Questions
    • Incomplete Sentences
    • All of the Following Except
Cost to take the Enrolled Agent exam
  • The EA exam fee is currently $203 per attempt, and you have four attempts per testing season to pass the exams.
    You can reschedule your appointment online or by phone.
    Rescheduling fees:

    • 30+ days: no fee
    • 5-29 days: $35.00
    • 5 days or less: You will be required to pay another full examination fee if you reschedule less than five calendar days before your appointment date.
EA Review Materials
    • Paperback and digital textbook for all 3 EA Exams
    • 45+ concise video lectures (10+ Hours)
    • 3,500+ EA review questions with detailed explanations
    • Unlimited EA practice examinations
Advanced Learning Tools
    • Study anywhere (desktop, mobile & tablet friendly)
    • Online Community & instructor support
    • Access learning materials side-by-side with split-view
    • Set goals + focus with easy to understand progress metrics
    • Integrated IRS Forms and Publications, Excel, and more!
    • Digital flashcards NEW

EA Alumni and Testimonials

Pankhuri Nathani

Pankhuri Nathani

Peuli Dey Mohari

Peuli Dey Mohari

vijay kumar

Vijay kumar

Our Enrolled Agent Testimonial Videos

Programme highlights

  • 1

    EA gives a boost to the credibility and respect amongst the peers.

  • 2

    Enrolled Agents are the oldest Tax Experts and have been there since 1884

  • 3

    Client communications are confidential if relating to non-criminal tax matters or proceedings.

  • 4

    Enrolled Agents are exempt from many of the state fees, registration and testing requirements imposed on Tax Return Preparers.

  • 5

    Ability to help referred clients with their IRS issues.

Course Video Presentation

Key Takeaways

Co-Founder and Global Lead Instructor, Simandhar Education ( Knowledge Partnered by Fast Forward Academy )

Live Interactive Classes

Simandhar Education provides you with access to Live Interactive classes from anywhere in the world

Recorded Videos

Simandhar Education provides the facility to access recorded videos for students who seek to revisit the material taught.

Placement Assistance Program

Supports its students by placing them in Top F & A companies, Big 4 etc

Exam Registration Assistance

Simandhar Education provides support to its students in handling the criticalities of Exam Registrations

Comprehensive Study Material

Fast Forward Academy is currently the only enrolled agent review provider to offer video lectures with Paperback and digital textbook for all 3 EA Exams, 45+ concise video lectures (10+ Hours); 3,500+ EA review questions with detailed explanations.

Fast Forward Academy Test Bank

Simandhar with Fast forward academy training is designed with a practical and experiential learning methodology - engaging participants using unlimited mock exams, and sample problems with functionality that mirrors the EA exam.

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