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    The CMA is a globally recognized, advanced-level credential appropriate for accountants and financial professionals in business. Achieving the CMA demonstrates your professional expertise in financial planning, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics – skills that are in demand by organizations around the world. It is the highest level of certification in Management Accounting. Career opportunities for US CMAs can be in Multi-national companies, financial services or consulting firms and US-based firms & organizations.


    • International recognition
    • It is the highest level of certification in Management Accounting. With increasing globalization, FDIs, outsourcing, off-shoring, US financial service MNCs in India and Indian companies listed in the US, CMAs with an international perspective are in very high demand.
    • US CMAs believe their certification creates career opportunities and strengthens their ability to move across business areas.
    • Career opportunities for US CMAs can be in Multi-national companies, Financial services or consulting firms and US-based firms & organization
  • CMA Roadmap

    Are You Ready To Take The CMA Exam?

    CMA holders are valuable to any business due to their expertise in numbers and strategic planning. Whether you want to enhance the value you bring to your current position, or expand your career potential, the CMA will help you set the standard for professional excellence.


  • Courses Structure & Fees

    Total CMA Expense (For Indian Candidates)

    Simandhar CMA Training & Support Fees (inl BECKER Text materials & Online Access) ** 70,000 75,000
    GST @ 18%
    12,600 13,500
    Total CMA Training Fees (incl. of taxes) 82600 88,500
    US($) INR US($) INR
     IMA Membership Fees 39 245
    CMA Certification Entrance Fees 188 250
    CMA Exam Fees (Part 1 & Part 2) 622 830
    Total (IMA fees) 849 55,185 1,325 86,125
    Less: Bundled Discount 4,550 9,653
    Total (Study Materials + IMA fees) 1,37,785 1,64,972
    *Exchange rate used for calculations: US $1 = INR 65.00
    *Expenses stated are only indicative and may vary due to reasons outside of the control of Simandhar Education
    **7% additional discount for spot registration










  • Class Schedule

    Upcoming Class Schedules

    Simandhar CMA Upcoming batch schedules

    • 14Weeks (1day Per week)
    • Every Sunday (9Hours per day)
    • Batch Commencing from 17th February 2018
  • FAQS

    FAQ 1: What is IMA?

    IMA is the worldwide association for accountants and financial professionals working in business. IMA is committed to helping all of its 60,000 members to expand their professional skills, better manage their organization, and enhance their career. For more information, please visit

    FAQ 2: Who should take the CMA?

    The CMA certification is a significant value-addition for accountants and financial professionals working in business. 
    • International Credibility with the highest qualification in management accountancy in the US which enjoys international recognition as members of IMA.
    • Strong Knowledge Base of management accounting and financial management.
    • Global opportunities in the accounting and financial world certainly with increase in pay packets and prospects.
    • International perspective coupled with increased confidence & competence.

    FAQ 3: How do I enroll in the CMA program?

    To enroll in the CMA program, you will need to enroll with Simandhar CMA Review and join IMA..

    FAQ 4: What is required to earn CMA certification?

    • Multi-national companies
    • Financial services or consulting firms
    • US-based firms & organizations


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