The US CPA administers by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the world’s largest accounting organization. The CPA designation holds professionals in the field of finance and accounting up to the highest possible degree. 

The AICPA gives a CPA certification to those who have completed the standardized CPA test, have gained requisite and appropriate working experience.  

But what is CPA? Certified Public Accountants(CPAs) are trusted financial advisors to assist organizations or individuals to reach their financial goals. As a result, US CPAs have high demand in various fields like public accounting, business and industry, government, and education. 

However, to do a CPA course and work in various companies and industries, individuals might consider knowing the cost of the CPA course in India. Before going into CPA course details, let’s discuss the career options and benefits of US CPA. 

The Certified Public Accountant course is the most significant degree of achievement, which provides multiple chances to exhibit your talents in the finance and accounting industry. Simandhar Education explains in detail how you can benefit from enrolling in a CPA course and achieving CPA license. 

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Advantages that come with the US CPA course 

Various consulting and auditing firms require CPAs as they can provide service in any area of finance, broadly in corporate governance and financial accounting, etc. Below are some career opportunities for US CPAs. 

  • Public Accounting  

CPAs are required within the accounting field and management of public funds. Both private and public entities hire CPAs to serve as auditors and financial advisors. They can also handle all aspects of financial accounting as well as tax-related services and more. 

  • Management Accounting  

Certified Public Accountant is accountable for preparing budgets and financial documents while analyzing accounting methods and working with management teams to help them make sound business decisions. 

  • Financial Analysts  

As a securities analyst, you want to analyze financial data, provide reports to demonstrate technical information, assess data impacting investment plans, and assist management in making informed decisions to help the company expand. 

  • Government Sector 

 CPAs employed by government agencies are accountable for auditing, financial reporting, and management accounting duties. They can influence the policies that are adopted at various levels of the government. CPAs can assist you in figuring how to make the most of your money most efficiently. 

  • Corporate Accounting  

CPAs are employed by businesses to manage accounts, which incorporates accounting, auditing, and finances. They also function in the capacity of internal auditors, reviewing risk management issues such as financial data, procedures for control, and operations to ensure the company runs efficiently. 

  • Tax accounting 

 As a CPA, you will be liable for keeping track of tax records and filing tax returns to advise businesses on tax strategies, compliance, and tax rules and regulations. 

  • Non-profit organizations 

They employ CPAs to assist them in managing their revenues and to learn the most efficient methods for collecting tax and financial systems. In addition, NGOs or freelancers often engage CPAs, allowing them to figure out a spread of groups. 

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US CPA License and Certification 

The Uniform Accountancy Act, developed by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), makes it simpler to get a CPA license. 

After successfully passing the Uniform CPA Exam (US CPA Exam), accountants can earn the designation of US CPA. While CPAs are required to adhere to the exact outline of training and experience for each state or region, there are numerous variations in the process of licensing and the specific requirements.  

The procedure and the requirements differ among boards. For example, they differ in how credit hours are allocated between the accounting, business, or ethics classes. There also are unique requirements for satisfying experiential requirements. 

Every state and all jurisdiction boards require CPA renewal of licenses contingent on ongoing professional development. Therefore, CPAs need to keep their education up to date to keep up-to-date with the latest laws and requirements for reporting. 

The cost of CPA Course in India 

The total cost of the US CPA Course Exam process for an Indian student is often split into three parts: 

1. Training fees of Becker product 

With online interactive classes, Becker is the leading review course provider for the US CPA courses. Training fees for the Becker product with live courses are closer to INR 1,25,000+18% GST.  

The benefit of being a Becker is that there are unlimited views on the recorded videos and 6500 MCQs, 3000 SIMs that help the candidate pass the CPA exam, which is 50% objective. 

You can visit our Simandhar Education US CPA page for more information about price discounts and other details. 

2. Evaluation fees 

The evaluation fee is around 22000 to 23000 INR which is paid to the evaluation agency for checking the eligibility to sit for the CPA examination. 

3. Exam fees 

Exam fees plus international testing fees come to roughly 185000 INR.

Description  Cost in INR 
Total Exam fees for 4 exams (per section is $250)  73,000 
International testing fees (for 4 exams) **  1,09,500 
Evaluation fees  23,000 
Application fees  14,600 

** Please note that the international testing fee is not applicable if you take the exams in the US. 

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The average cost for the complete US CPA Course in India is around 3.5 to 3.6 lakhs INR. We at Simandhar Education hope this article will be helpful for candidates planning for the US CPA profile. 

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