Latest Update on EA Exam Results:

Candidates who are going to take Special Enrollment Exam (i.e., EA Exam) between 1st May 2021 and 1st August 2021 will not receive the scores immediately upon completion of the exam. 

It is because during this period, the data will be gathered and analyzed in order to establish the passing score. A score report will be emailed to the candidate for tests taken during this period from 5th August 2021 onwards.

Upon completion of the Enrolled Agent exam from 2nd August 2021, a pass/fail will be sent to you. Besides, you are going to receive an email from Prometric containing your score report.

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Is the EA Exam difficult?

The Special Enrollment Exam has three parts. Each part of the EA exam contains 100 MCQs (Multiple-Choice Questions) and covers taxation-related topics.

Here are the three EA exam parts:

  1. Individuals
  2. Businesses
  3. Representation, Practices & Procedures

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IRS Requirements to be Certified: 


The candidate has to pass all the three EA exam parts within 2 years. Also, he must have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) to register for the EA exam successfully.

Education & Experience:

For the EA exam, there are no particular requirements of education and experience. Candidates should be proficient in answering tax accounting questions.


The candidate needs to pass the suitability check that includes the criminal background check and tax compliance check. 

How much does the EA exam cost?

To take the Enrolled Agent exam, you have to pay application fees, Exam fees for each part, and Renewal of PTIN.

  • Application fees (PTIN registration): There are 21 fees for PTIN registration. As per the Internal Revenue Service, the candidate must have PTIN to sit for the EA exam.
  • Exam fees for each part: For each part of the EA exam, the scheduling fee is $185.

Renewal of PTIN: You must pay $36 for the renewal of your PTIN.

Fee Type Fee (in USD)
PTIN registration $36
Exam fees for each part $185
Renewal of PTIN $36

What is the passing score of the EA exam?

The EA exam score scale ranges from 40 to 130. The candidate must get 105 to pass the EA exam.

Is it worth it to become an enrolled agent?

  • Being an Enrolled Agent increases your potential of earnings by an average of 10%.
  • Career as an Enrolled Agent (EA) creates countless opportunities to grow.
  • EA certification is referred to as a prestigious credential that earns respect from other professionals as well.
  • EA credential helps you to develop both personally and professionally.

How to become an Enrolled Agent?

Enrolled Agent (EA) designation enhances the careers of accountants and professionals who intend to specialize in tax.

  • Know the importance of EA designation
  • Get to know about the benefits of becoming an Enrolled Agent
  • Obtain PTIN
  • Schedule test appointments
  • Apply for enrollment
  • Clear the suitability test

Know the importance of EA designation:

Enrolled Agents are known to be federally licensed tax practitioners who are able to possess technical expertise, especially in taxation. All the states in the USA recognize EA credentials, and hence the treasury department grants the EA with unlimited representative rights.

Get to know about the benefits of becoming an Enrolled Agent:

The Enrolled Agent certification has 3 benefits:

Confirmed Tax Expertise: Both the certifications of Enrolled Agent and US Certified Public Accountant are licenses. The federal government grants EA certification, whereas state boards grant US CPA certification. The expertise of Enrolled Agents is acknowledged at a national level.

Advanced Status: Enrolled Agents don’t work for taxpayers. They have unlimited rights in representing the taxpayers even before the IRS.

Public Trust: Most people require a tax expert’s aid at one point of time in their lives. Hence, in public, there is a huge demand and trust for Enrolled Agents.


Obtain PTIN:

PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number) is essential to take the Enrolled Agent exam.

Let’s know the process of ‘how to obtain PTIN’. 

Create an Account: The EA aspirant has to create an account with the complete details like name, email address, and security question information.

Apply for PTIN: By giving your previous year’s tax return data, professional credentials and personal information, you can complete the online application.

Pay Your Fee: Your application will transfer to your IRS partner bank, where you need to pay $36 by credit/debit card or with eCheck.

Schedule test appointments:

  • The candidate has to visit the website of ‘Special Enrollment Examination’ for scheduling the test appointments.
  • Besides, he has to review the sample test questions, test preparation resources and SEE candidate information bulletin.

Apply for enrollment:

The candidate can pay the fee and apply for the enrollment by using pay.govfrom23. After applying for enrollment, he has to mail the complete form to the IRS.

Clear the suitability test:

One must pass the suitability check to ensure tax compliance in filing required tax returns, and also there should not be any criminal background.


Hope the above article gives you complete details about the EA exam results update 2021 and the complete process of becoming an Enrolled Agent. Any questions related to the EA exam? Comment below.

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