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What is Simandhar’s Finance for Non-Finance Professionals (FNP)?

Simandhar Finance for Non-Finance Professionals is a course curated especially for students enrolled in CPA/CMA courses.

Our team has rigorously designed this course to support the students belonging to the non-accounting background who are new to the concepts of finance and accounting in CPA/CMA. It helps students to kickstart their preparation for CPA/CMA without any difficulties

What makes us Unique?

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Who can Benefit from this Course?

This course benefits the students who hail from non-financial backgrounds struggling with the fundamentals of accounting and finance.
It is also beneficial for the students who want to revise and improve their hold on accounting knowledge.

Learn it for Free!

Simandhar Finance for Non-Finance professionals Course is absolutely free for CPA and CMA aspirants enrolled with Simandhar Education!

What will you Get from Simandhar’s Finance for Non-Finance Professionals?

The course will help you get strong with the basic finance and accounting concepts to help you pursue US CPA/US CMA with absolute confidence.

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