The US CPA: What is it?

The US Certified Public Accountants (US CPA) credential is given to individuals who have passed the US CPA exam, administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
To become a US CPA, candidates must meet eligibility criteria and have the required experience. The designation can establish professional standards in the finance and accounting sectors. 

When can I expect to get my US CPA exam scores? 

Candidates might have this one question: When should we expect the results of the US CPA Exam? 

Score release dates for the US CPA exams taken between January 1 and June 30, 2023, are shown below: 

If you take your exam on/before: Your target score release date is:
January 1 January 10
January 23 February 7
February 14 February 22
March 9 March 17
March 31 April 11
April 23 May 9
May 16 May 24
June 8 June 16
June 30 July 11


Please note:  

  • Prometric provides US CPA exam data files within 24 hours to most US CPA applicants. 
  • All US CPA exam data files received after the cutoff dates will be deleted. 
  • If you are taking the CPA BEC section, you will receive the scores approximately seven days after the target date for taking the CPA BEC section. It’s because of the additional analysis required for the BEC written language tasks. 

 Steps to find out your results

  • Log in to the candidate portal on the NASBA website to see your score and proceed with the below information. 
  • The AICPA uses your Examination ID to score your CPA Exam. 
  • The scores are then sent for approval to the Boards of Accountancy before the official release of the candidates. The process will take about three days before the result is officially declared. 
  • When the NASBA receives the scores, they are processed and matched to the applicants’ names. 
  • You will see an “eye” icon once your score is approved. 
  • Click the icon to open the score notice, download it, and then print it out. 
  • Don’t let failure stop you from trying again. Keep trying persistently. 

 What’s the reason for not getting the US CPA exam results right after the exam? 

First, the AICPA receives exam data files from Prometric, the testing center that runs the CPA Exam. Then, the AICPA forwards the exam results to NASBA, which delivers the scores to the state boards of accounting. 

Factors for the Score Release 

You probably already know that all four parts of the CPA Exam are computerized. So why do you need to wait so long to receive the results of your exam? 

  • It will take about a few weeks to receive your CPA Exam score because the AICPA examines your answers through several quality assurance reviews to ensure scoring accuracy. The AICPA recognizes the high level of importance, diligence, and accuracy in the CPA Exam scoring process. 
  • There is a system in place to verify the accuracy of scores. The AICPA also has processes in place to confirm the accuracy of scores in specific instances. The BEC Written Communications (WCs), the computer scoring program, grades your answers. However, in some cases, the system of CPA human graders will score responses too. 
  • When your BEC score is near passing, the human graders will automatically revise the quality of your WC responses. If multiple graders are required to evaluate your response, the final grade will consist of all the scores given by the human graders. 
  • Additionally, the exam grading system isn’t simple to calculate. Humans have to monitor the process of converting to an arbitrary grade, which is 99–99. So, it’s natural that the process will take an extended period to be completed. 

You will be given a score on each section of the US CPA Exam. It ranges from 0 to 99. 

Eligibility for US CPA 

The requirements below are for those who wish to take the US CPA Exam and obtain a CPA license. 

  • 120-150 credits from a recognized college or university 
  • two years of work experience 
  • Pass the Ethics Exam 
  • Age limit: 18+ 


Hope this article can assist you in finding the US CPA exam results. We wish the candidates all the best for the exams. 

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