A global standard for management accountants and financial professionals looking to advance their career opportunities in less than a year is the CMA, or Certified Management Accountants, program. The US CMA course is the top qualification in the subject of accounting and management, and it is offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) in almost 150 countries. The Institute of Cost Accountants of India oversees the CMA program in India. 

The CMA program offered in India and the United States gives students the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in the fields of financial accounting and strategic management. However, the US CMA and Indian CMA courses differ from one another in a number of ways.  

There are some differences between CMA India and CMA USA, including the organising body, course length, and syllabus. This is the main discussion of this blog. The following description will give you a clear understanding. 

Regulatory Body of US CMA and Ind. CMA

The Institute of Management Accounts (IMA) regulates the CMA in the USA. It serves as a platform for learning, knowledge exchange, research, and the promotion of morality and the best commercial practice in management accounting and finances. 

Eligibility requirements 

Indian students must have a class 12 certificate and an undergraduate degree in order to be eligible for the US CMA. According to IMA rules, undergraduates have a further seven years to submit the necessary documentation after successfully earning the CMA USA certificate. 

You can find further details about US CMA Eligibility here.

Course Structure & Syllabus  

Certain differences between CMA US and CMA India include the length of the course, the structure of the tests, and the syllabus. In the US, the CMA program can be finished in 6 to 9 months, however, it takes three years to complete in India.  The US CMA course structure & syllabus has been explained in detail, here.

Recognition for US CMA and Ind. CMA

The recognition that each of them possesses is one of the things that set CMA India apart from the US CMA. The US CMA is renowned and respected globally. But Indian CMA qualification is recognised only in India. Additionally, it limits work options abroad, which is not the case with US CMA. 

Average Salary 

As noted previously, a number of factors influence the US CMA’s salary and CMA India practitioner’s salary. The work description, employer, and geography are all very important factors in establishing typical professional pay. Location-wise, US CMA has a greater range than CMA India because it is accepted everywhere. However, because the US board offers this course, many MNCs and other businesses with US locations frequently employ these specialists.  

In India, a newly qualified CMA with no prior experience might expect to earn between Rs. 3.5 lakh and Rs. 4 lakhs annually. However, you could make up to Rs. 6 lacks per year if you have corporate experience and a strong academic record. The remuneration will increase as the position does with time and experience. 

Exam format  

According to the US CMA exam format, you will have four hours to finish 100 MCQs and thirty minutes to write two essays. Its syllabus is divided into 12 distinct topics that are related to the course’s two parts.  

A class 12th certificate and six months of an articleship are all that is required to apply for the CMA in India. However, for individual papers, you must receive a minimum of 40%, and for intermediate groups, you must receive an overall average of 50%. 

On the other hand, CMA India is regulated by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICWA), whose mission is to advance, manage, and promote the field of cost accounting. 

Students frequently have questions about CMA India vs CMA USA. Here, we have compared CMA US and CMA India very precisely while focusing on their individual specifications. 

Point of Difference  US CMA  Indian CMA 
Regulatory body  Institute of Management Accountants  Institute of Cost Accountants of India 
Course Duration  One Year  Three Years 
Eligibility  Class 12 / UG  Class 12 
Pass Criteria  Minimum of 360 marks out of 500  40% for individual papers and 50% for aggregate 
Course format  2 parts  3 levels (foundation, intermediate and final level) 
Articleship  Not applicable  6 months 
Focuses on  Management Accounting  Cost Controlling 
Recognition  Globally recognised  Indian certification 
Salary  5.5 – 7 LPA  5.5 – 7 LPA 

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