The regulation (REG) section in the CPA exam consists of federal taxation, business law, legal and professional responsibilities. The candidate has three hours to complete the section. It is broken into 3 testlets containing MCQs (multiple-choice questions) and TBS (task-based simulations). The REG section is considered tough because 60% of the exam focuses on taxation. Over the last few years, the CPA-REG section has had poor pass rates, so it shouldn’t be taken easily. 

REG topics include business laws, professional ethics & responsibilities, federal tax procedures, property transaction taxation, entity taxation, and individual federal taxation. 

CPA-REG Exam Format:

The Regulation (REG) exam consists of 5 testlets, in which 2 testlets are MCQs & 3 are TBS. The first 2 testlets have 38 multiple-choice questions each. The latter 3 testlets consist of 8 simulations.

Question Type No. of Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions 76 (38+38)
Task-Based Simulations 8

Study Tips:

Practice Memorization: Regulation (REG) tests your memory. The candidate must memorize a lot of tax facts and has to develop mnemonics by himself/herself. The candidate needs to study further and know the facts like exemption, deduction, and other amounts.

Take Notes: Taking notes and writing things down are considered the best memorization techniques. You can remember more by practicing a lot. 

Break-Up Tax Studying: The candidate can’t sit for long to read and memorize things. Break the study time between law, tax, and application. It will definitely help the candidate to focus in a much more productive way.

Practice MCQs: One of the key factors in scoring well in the CPA-REG section is to practice the multiple-choice questions more. Work as much as possible.

Besides the above, here are a few more:

  • Highlight the important points & portions in your book and go through them thoroughly.
  • Make small notes of important law sections and forms.
  • Take several mock tests.


The key to Regulation (REG) is memorization. Hope this article helps those who are planning to take the CPA-REG exam. Any Questions? Comment below.

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