US CPA Exam: “You never fail until you stop trying” – Albert Einstein.

In 2000, I’d just graduated from a University with multiple honors within 3 years and I went to work for my first-choice employer.

Life was very good; I was a young person making a great salary with an extremely bright future. My first priority as a tax accountant working for a global firm was to take the CPA course and pass the US CPA exam. At this point, I had been successful at everything I’d set my mind to and I assumed this would be no different.

My employer provided me with my study materials and I went to work, fully expecting to take and pass this extremely difficult exam on the first try.

Over the next 8 years, I studied for and failed the CPA Exam 27 times! Nevertheless, I kept on going because I knew that I could do this. I changed testing methods, study methods, CPA Prometric locations and anything that I could think of to attack this monster. I’d become a joke at my job, all of the newer employees were passing and attaining their CPA license, but I continued to fail time and again. One night, I was leaving work very late in the middle of the tax season.

I stopped to get my mail and saw the confirmation that I’d completed my US CPA exam. It was pretty anticlimactic because I knew at some point it was going to happen. There was no screaming, shouting or dancing. I think I said, “Huh, look at that!”, then I went home and slept.

When I finally passed the exam, everyone celebrated! Many people confided in me that they would’ve quit and many of my colleagues did. Since being a licensed CPA, no one has ever asked me about my journey to verify by qualification because the designation says it all. People also ask me what motivated me to keep going and I had to remind myself that it is statistically impossible to fail 100% of the time. And the only way that I would be a failure was if I stopped trying.



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