With the new current surge of Covid and Omicron cases across the globe, the pandemic has made its point that it is here to stay. Considering the situation, ICMA has come up with a remote testing option initiative. This decision will significantly change the IMA’s future as US CMA Course are high in demand globally. Let’s get you through all the new developments IMA has brought us.   

In the January/February 2022 examination session, ICMA is happy to provide a brand-new remote testing choice available to CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and candidates. CMA can also test in person at the Prometric Test Center or remotely through Prometric’s ProProctorTM services beginning on January 18, 2022. Both remote and in-person testing is the same price for exams.  

Before deciding on remote testing, it’s crucial to understand the technology and space requirements.  

Prometric, the ICMA’s testing partner, utilizes the ProProctorTM remote testing tool to give exams using remote proctoring. It is possible to take the CMA exam in the English language CMA exam at a place outside of the Prometric Test Center by using remote proctoring. If you are in a country that is eligible for this service and your test location and equipment meet Prometric’s standards, it is possible to take this test.    


  • Except in the Crimea region of Ukraine, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Cuba, remote proctoring is available everywhere. Because the Chinese language CMA exam is paper-based, remote proctoring is only available for China’s English language CMA exam.  
  • Note that the internet connection in some countries and parts within countries may not be steady enough to conduct the exam remotely. Local technology and firewall concerns may make it more difficult to test using a remote proctor. You are responsible for ensuring that you meet the technical requirements and testing your internet connection.  
  • Remote proctoring is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; however, the day and time you choose may not be available. If your preferred day/time is not available, choose another time window.  
  • A tablet or smartphone is not compatible with the ProProctor platform.  

US CMA Exam Availability

Planning –  

To complete the Prometric security check-in process, you must start the exam 30 minutes before your planned appointment. However, there are times when delays occur. If this occurs, the extra time spent during the initial security check-in will not influence your exam time, and you will be given the entire amount of time to complete the exam. If you take a break, the time counter will continue to run while you are being checked back in.  

Check List-   

Go through the following points before taking up remotely proctored testing:  

  • The testing site you choose must be enclosed (walled), well-lit, have a closed door, and be devoid of background noise and distractions.  
  • The camera must have a clear view of the room’s entrance.  
  • All materials must be removed from your desk and surrounding area (including the walls) (I.e., pictures, office supplies, electronic devices, etc.)  

Exam Results-  

Exam results will be emailed to you and uploaded to your online profile around six weeks after the end of the month you took the CMA exam 

Rescheduling the Exams-  

To switch from in-person proctoring to remote proctoring, you must   

  1. Cancel your current session.  
  2. To schedule, go to www.prometric.com/icma
  3. Select “Reschedule/Cancel” from the “Actions” panel 
  4. At last, select “Schedule” from the “Remotely Proctored Exam” menu.  

NOTE- There may be a rescheduling cost involved in this process.  


At this point, ICMA is providing all the facilities in the comfort of our homes.  

Contact the ProProctor technical support at (800) 226-7958 if you are currently registered for an exam at a Prometric Test Center and desire to switch to remote proctoring. 

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