What is US CPA?  

US Certified Public Accountant (US CPA) is a credential given to the individuals who passed the US CPA examination governed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  

The US CPA aspirants must meet the relevant experience and educational requirements. The US CPA designation helps to enforce professional standards in the accounting and finance industry. 

When it comes to US CPA Exam, we already know that it’s a hard nut to crack. So students are naturally nervous when their exam results are out. 


The basic CPA score release process works like this: 

  1. National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) receives the test scores from The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) 
  2. NASBA puts the scores into the National Candidate Database, then they plan and announce a release of scores, and then send the exam results to the individual state accounting boards. 
  3. In the final process, the CPA students individually receive the score after it gets reviewed by state accounting boards. 

All CPA candidate information is stored in a secure central database and tracked globally through the National Candidate Database.CPA candidates can sign into the website and find their CPA score once the CPA scores are in the database, even if NASBA and the state boards have not yet declared an official CPA score release. 

Steps to find out your results: 

To see your score, log on to the Candidate Portal on the NASBA website and proceed with the below information- 

  • The AICPA scores the CPA Exam by your Examination ID, not your name.

When the score goes online, it is associated with your Examination ID. 

  • The scores are sent to the Boards of Accountancy for approval before the official release to candidates.
  • The process takes approximately 72 hours before the score becomes official.
  • After the scores are released to NASBA, they are processed and matched to the names of the candidates.
  • Once your score is approved, you will see an ‘eye’ icon.
  • Click the icon to view, download, and print your Score Notice.
  • For those who failed their exam, don’t get discouraged and try again.

Keep being persistent. 

  • For those who passed their exam, we congratulate you! 

“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” 

-Bill Bradley 

US CPA Eligibility: 

Your score for each section of the US CPA exam is reported on a scale in the range of 0 to 99. You have to score a minimum of 75 to pass a CPA exam section. 

People who want to take the US CPA exam or want to have a  CPA license  need to fulfill the below requirements. 

  • 120 to 150 credits from a recognized university/college. 
  • Work experience of 2 years. 
  • Clear Ethics exam. 
  • Age limit: 18+ years. 

Conclusion : 

Hope this article helps you in finding your US CPA exam results. We wish you all the best for your results. 

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