US Certified Public Accountant (US CPA) is a credential given to the individuals who passed the US CPA examination governed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). 

The US CPA aspirants must meet the relevant experience and educational requirements. The US CPA designation helps to enforce the professional standards in the accounting and finance industry.

When should I expect to receive my US CPA exam scores?

After completion of the US CPA exam, the candidate may have a query: ‘When can I expect my CPA exam results?’

The US CPA exam scores on a rolling basis. The score release dates of the US CPA are shown below:

If you take CPA exam on/before Your CPA score release date
23rd January 9th February
15th February 23rd February
10th March 18th March
31st March 9th April
23rd April 11th May
16th May 25th May
8th June 16th June
30th June 13th July
23rd July 10th August
15th August 24th August
7th September 15th September
30th September 12th October
23rd October 9th November
15th November 23rd November
8th December 16th December
31st December 11th January

Please Note:

  • For most of the US CPA aspirants who applied for the US CPA, Prometric sends US CPA exam data files to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) within 24 hours after completion of the exam.
  • The US CPA exam data files received after the cutoff dates will result in subsequent target score release dates.
  • If you take the CPA BEC exam section, you will receive your CPA score approximately 7 days following the target release date. It is because the written communication tasks in the BEC exam require additional analysis.

Where do I go to retrieve my US CPA exam score?

You have a query: ‘Where do I get my CPA exam results?’

Here are the details for you:

IL, CA, and MD candidates will obtain the US CPA scores from their accountancy board’s website. Apart from IL, CA, and MD, the rest of the candidates will obtain their US CPA scores from NASBA.

Why can’t we get our US CPA exam results right after finishing the exam?

  • All systems that are used to verify scores do not exist in the US CPA Prometric test centers.
  • The candidate’s CPA score for each section is reported on a scale that ranges from 0 to 99.
  • Your total score in the REG, FAR and AUD is a weighted combination of scaled scores from MCQs and TBS. For the CPA BEC section written communication tasks are also added.
  • Scaled scores on the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Task-Based Simulations (TBS) portions of the CPA Exam are calculated by using formulas, but when it comes to verifying written communication questions, they take a lot of time to analyze.  

Is 75 passing on the CPA exam?

Your score for each section of the US CPA exam is reported on a scale in the range of 0 to 99. You have to score a minimum of 75 to pass a CPA exam section.

US CPA Eligibility:

People who want to take the US CPA exam or want to have a CPA license need to fulfil the below requirements.

  • 120 to 150 credits from a recognized university/college.
  • Work experience of 2 years.
  • Clear Ethics exam.
  • Age limit: 18+ years.


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