Yes, clearing the EA Exam (Enrolled Agent Exam)in 90 days is possible for anyone having basic knowledge of accounting and finance, but it passing depends on 2 things: – 

1: Availability of slots with Prometric. 

2: Your hard work.  

In a good case if slots are available in Feb and March and you can start studying from the Jan 1st then your ideal plan should look like this-  

Deciding which part of Enrolled Agent, you decide to take 1st? It’s your wish but my suggestion would be to start with Part 1 (Individuals) because it covers the basics and studying it gives you the basic knowledge of taxation and passing it gives the confidence for the other parts as well.  

Another option can be studying Part 1 and 3 at once and giving the exams simultaneously in the very next month after starting your preparation also works. 

If you are from business taxation then you can start the syllabus with Part 2 directly and another option can be to give Parts 2 and 3 at once also works.  

Make your schedule and stick to it for the whole syllabus and set small goals for each of the chapters, if you start on Jan 1st then part 1 should be finished by the end of the month or a month & half. Chapters 1 to 3 should be done by Jan 10th, keeping track of your growth helps you in being consistent with your preparation and also be accountable for what you are studying. 

What and how to study the Enrolled Agent Syllabus: if you have started studying for the syllabus, the start would be tough but it is the process, but make this plan a routine to study. 

Three revisions for each part will be more than enough to pass the exams. 


In 1st revision:   

Attend the lecture – immediately study from the book – make short notes on it – take a quiz for that topic – revise what you studied for that topic, I know this is a lot and it takes so much time but this only happens with the 1st revision. 

Here Give 1 mock exam for the entire syllabus, so that you will get an idea that how effectively you have studied and you will also find your weak areas.  

In 2nd revision:  

A study from the book – revise the notes – attend the quiz if only necessary, this won’t take much because the topic would be already familiar to you,

Again, here give 1 or 2 mock exams, if you are getting a percentage of at least 70 to 80% in the mock exam then consider scheduling the exam.   

In 3rd revision:  

This revision is just before the exam, for example, if you have scheduled your exam on Feb 10th then the 3rd revision should be on the 8th and 9th of Feb,

You should study the entire syllabus at once so that you will gather all the information in one place.

Effective study hours  required for each part of the Enrolled Agent Course:

For Part1: 100 to 150 hours  

For Part2: 100 hours  

For Part3: 100 hours  

On daily basis at least 2 to 3 hours and devote some extra hours on the weekends  

You can schedule the 3 months for the Enrolled Agent Exam as follows:

For Part1: 35 to 40days                                                                      

For Part2: 30 days  

For Part3: 20 days  

How the Enrolled Agent exam would be? is it tough or easy:  

Part 1 (Individuals): The exam is going to be easy to moderate difficulty level, but the challenge is that part 1 is lengthy.  

Part 2 (Businesses): The exam is at a moderate difficulty level, Exam preparation would be easy and the syllabus is also normal.  

Part 3 (Representation): The exam is moderately difficult but tricky, studying for part 3 is easy.

How Vijay passed EA in three months from Simandhar :


The above article helps you to know how to Crack EA in 90 days the step-by-step guide by our Enrolled Agent Alumni and Enrolled Agent course details. Hope this article will be helpful for you. Any Questions? Comment below or you can directly contact Simandhar Education at +91-7780273388.


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