I’m Sorujit, CPA-REG Exam First all thanks to Suri mam and Simandhar Education and special mention for Surya, Sumit , Bobby and Sripal sir for their constant support.

To give a brief about myself cleared CA inter and CMA inter back in 2013 and 2014 respectively and post that attempted CA finals a numerous times failed but was heart broken when I failed bringing I think 197. My last CA final attempt was Nov 2018.

Now in 2019 when I took a break from CPA and she said you should go for it. 

I started my research for CPA and enrolled with Simandhar back in June 2019 after a prolonged discussion with Sripal Sir. I do not want to mention much about the evaluation process, because I feel Simandhar is excellent in that regard.

My job to attempt for CA finals, but finally did not give May2019 attempt as I felt I was not prepared. I had a chat with my girlfriend and I told her about it. Now came the pandemic and the decision from AICPA to hold exams in India and I had no looking back. For me this came as a boon in disguise. I saw batches for REG starting and I started attending the same.


It was a 1 month class with Suri mam and also I started going to the office from 4th June as mine is a manufacturing industry. Initially it was very tough but gradually I realized yes if I can take out time it is manageable.I always had a plan to take out 4 hours a day to devote to my studies.

I think I was more or less successful in doing so from mid of July as prior to that I was a lot involved in audit and finalization of Accounts. Work pressure was a constant thing during July, August, September as Balance Sheet finalization was in process.

My initial plan was to study two hours in night and two hours in the daytime. And also I devoted most of my Sundays to my preparation as my working days are Monday-Saturday. During mid of August, I was very confused about whether to go ahead and give the exams in September or postpone my attempt and then came the turning point – the Brahma Muhurta (4 am) Initiative by Sripal Sir. I still remember pinging Sripal sir and thanking him for such a great initiative. 

Sripal Sir always mentioned to wake up early and study early for working people. But then I failed to follow that in the initial months of my preparation. I think from the end of August to 24th September the exam day, I made a point to get up by 5 am max and slowly it formed into a habit.

And yes, that was fruitful. I was getting more time and was able to concentrate more due to the lack of disturbance. Two weeks prior to the exam I was pretty nervous and had applied for a four-day leave from 21st September- 24th September. I made sure to complete all Becker modules, MCQs and SIMs.

Although I still felt I wasn’t fully prepared. It was 1 week to go and I gave my first mock, I was terrified as my scores showed 41. But my back was already against the wall. I had to give the exam and hence I gathered courage and started my revision once again.

I completed and revised all the chapters twice. Though Becker exams are to be taken two weeks prior to the exam but I made a point that I need to be accustomed to sit for four hours and give the exam so I thought of a plan. On the 21st September  I again gave the first module, I scored 48. On the 22nd September I gave the second module, I scored 55. And on the 23rd September, third module and scored 57.

Then I found that I was making silly mistakes in MCQs and also in reading the sims and it was pretty clear that the sims would be very different to what the Becker module actually contains. I kept myself calm and only thought of one strategy to have a cool head and use the total 4 hours of the exam and give my best shot.


I took two hours to complete my MCQs and 1 hour 45 minutes to complete my testlet 3,4,5 during exam day. Yes I was pretty jittery as I was not confident about two sims. So, to summarize, for me the strategy was to complete the theory chapters in full ,attend the simulations with the coolest of mind and have clarity of concepts mainly calculations of basis.

Also the regular quiz posted in the Telegram group was of great help,as it helped me clear a few basic concepts. The Telegram group helped me resolve a lot of my doubts without disturbing any of the faculties which was a win-win situation for all of us.

My tip would be for working professionals that try to devote 4 hours a day and in case you fail, be consistent by at least devoting 2 hours. Further we need to learn to say NO which helped me make out extended time for my preparation.

Thanks & Regards,
Sorujit Paul


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