CMAs (Certified Management Accountants) work in the areas of management decision-making, financial analysis, and planning. Many auditors, accountants, and financial analysts earn the designation of CMA to advance in their careers. 


Given below is the eligibility criteria for the US CMA Exam:

  • In India, a candidate is eligible to prepare and give the exams after his 12th. However, he would get his certification after he finishes his Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university/college with 2 years of relevant experience.
  • One must pass both the parts (Financial Planning & Analysis and Financial Decision Making) of the CMA exam within 3 years in order to have the CMA certification.
  • Working professionals with more than 2 years of experience in Management or Finance can also apply.

Benefits of CMA Certification:

Here are some of the advantages of having a CMA certification:

1. Business Approval:

CMA certification is considered one of the best accounting certifications for management as it has a good amalgamation of accounting and business. In CMA, you can learn all about business aspects, accounting concepts, and corporate governance. That’s why candidates with a CMA certification are often allowed to make business decisions. 

2. Career Opportunities:

CMA brings multiple career opportunities. CMA candidates can definitely get better entry-level positions & also many opportunities to be promoted. The CMA certification takes you to manage the accounts, and you can quickly move into a management position as well. 

3. Financial Growth:

CMA certification holders can earn 67% more than candidates having just a bachelor’s degree. Also, they can be a part of the management team with good experience. Having a CMA certification makes you eligible for good pay. The average annual salary of a CMA in India would be around  8 lakhs INR according to

4. Global Opportunities:

CMA certification gives you a better understanding of finance, business, and accounts. CMA holders get job opportunities all over the world. They are recognized at a global level. If you have a dream of working abroad, pursuing a CMA is the best choice.


Bachelor’s degree with a CMA will have a huge impact on your career, and you will also be glad to gain many opportunities. Hope this blog helps you in knowing the benefits of CMA certification. Any Questions? Comment below.

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