Dhruv Patel (Simandhar US CPA Alumni), Elijah Watt Sells award winner:-

Dhruv Patel (Simandhar US CPA Alumni) is among the winners of the 2022 Elijah Watt sells award, one of the most notable certified public accountant exam honors in the country.

Elijah watt sells award winner 2022

7 Study tips for the US CPA exam from him:-

1. For a non-qualified CA Simandhar Lectures is the best option. Qualified CA can go with Becker for pointed lectures and definitely with Simandhar for in-depth knowledge.

2. Make sure to complete all the MCQs and SIMS from Becker software, without that it is difficult to pass

3. At the time of attending the MCQs for the first time make sure to mark the ones which you got incorrect or which are tricky. IMP- Do understand the logic why the correct option is actually the answer

4. After completing each Section(for example in FAR after you complete F1)do give an unlimited practice test consisting of 20/30MCQS and 2/3 SIMS

5. Please do give all the MINI exams and both the full course exams before you appear for the actual test

6. Don’t forget to go through the AICPA newly released questions and AICPA mock test

7. Whenever time permits give unlimited practice tests. It helps a lot.

Q&A with Dhruv (Simandhar CPA Watt sells award winner )

Simandhar Did it again.

The Elijah Watt Sells Award is the most prestigious award given for high-performance candidates in US CPA exams.

Simandhar Education is delighted to announce the outstanding achievement of our CPA Alumni, CA Dhruv Patel, for receiving Watt Sells Award by scoring 98 in BEC, 97 in REG, 98 in FAR, and 91 in AUD.



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