The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employs Prometric to conduct the three-part EA Exam, also known as the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE). You get 3.5 hours to complete each part’s 100 questions, which are taken as independent exams. The IRS Special Enrollment Exam (SEE) is the simplest exam that grants you unrestricted practice opportunities with the IRS. Now let’s understand how to crack the Enrolled Agent exam in the least possible time.

Firstly, you may maximise your study time and increase your chances of passing the Enrolled Agent exam by using an Enrolled Agent study plan. Create an Enrolled Agent study schedule by using these methods and pointers.  

Each part of the EA exam must be passed on the first try if you want to become an enrolled agent in a year. You’ll have to prepare for and take three separate exam segments. You just need to design a good study schedule and set small, attainable goals to make your study schedule achievable. The EA exam is not as challenging as it seems. 

How much time is required to prepare for the Enrolled Agent exam? 

Although you technically have two years to pass all three portions of the EA exam, many applicants prefer to pass before tax season in order to gain more customers. This means that early-year exam appointments may soon fill up. 

*Note: The IRS has increased the 2-year window to 3 years in response to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, providing applicants additional time to prepare for and successfully complete their exams. 

Every year, from May 1 to February 28, the EA test is given because there needs to be downtime to absorb updates to tax law. 

You can choose to take some exam parts in a different year as long as the changes to the tax laws are minimal, which they usually are. To avoid having to adjust for major changes in part(s) of your tests, it can be a good idea to complete everything in the same year if there are major changes. Setting aside regular study time is a smart idea. 

Average time spent studying per part of the EA exam 
Part 1  85 hours 
Part 2  125 hours 
Part 3  55 hours 


How to make a timetable to study for the Enrolled Agent exam? 

 Making a study plan for the Enrolled Agent exam can be done in one of two ways:   

  1. Study plans with deadlines
  2. Time-based learning schedules

Although you’ll probably have a deadline and a set amount of time to study, it is almost always more critical. 

You might have to give up other commitments if you have a strict deadline to become an EA in order to squeeze in enough study time to pass the exam. 

You should schedule tests so that you have enough time to complete them if you can only devote a certain number of hours every day to studying. 

How to establish a due date for Exam preparation for Enrolled Agent? 

You should take a look at your schedule to calculate how many hours per week you will need to study if you have a deadline to become an Enrolled Agent (for example, before tax season to enhance your income). 

  1. Get a calendar, either physical or digital, to help you see your goal more clearly. 

Make a note of your deadline and any responsibilities, such as holidays or other personal commitments, that can prevent you from finishing your work. 

   2. Determine how many weeks you have left to study. 

From the deadline you marked, work backward. Consider your weeks to be half-weeks if you have three or more days that are unavailable for study. 

   3. Determine how many hours a week you should spend studying. 

Divide the total number of hours you will need to spend studying by the number of weeks until your exam. You’ll then have your weekly study hours. If it appears impossible, you’ll need to adjust your deadline or make some schedule concessions. 

   4. Use your final week to finish reviewing the material for the Enrolled Agent exam. 

You should try to finish all of the syllabus at least a week before your exam because these hours are included in the overall time chart above. This is the time to review material you may still be having trouble with or haven’t practiced in a while. 

   5. Learn how to use benchmarks to precisely track your development. 

 Set a benchmark each week so you can measure your progress against it. 

   6. On the calendar, check off your accomplishments. 

Your study strategy might need to be adjusted if you start to lag in achieving your benchmarks. If you start to fall short of standards, don’t give up on your study strategy!   

The same procedures you used to create your first study plan can be used to modify it, but keep in mind the time you still have left. 

   7. As the exam date comes closer, consider your most recent benchmarks to see if you’re prepared to take the Enrolled Agent exam. 

You may reschedule your exam if you are running behind or believe you need extra time, provided you do so at least five days before your scheduled exam date. Your exam rescheduling will cost $35.  

If you know you must reschedule and do so at least 30 days before your exam, you are eligible for a free rescheduling. 

Making a study schedule for the Enrolled Agent exam based on hours. 

  1. Get a calendar, either physical or digital, to help you see your goal more clearly. 

Make a note of any significant commitments, such as holidays or other life events, that might prevent you from finishing your study. 

    2. Decide how many hours you will spend studying each week. 

Be serious about your objective, but choose a reasonable one. Even while it would be simple to commit to studying for just an hour a week, you should set the highest possible standards for yourself. 

    3. Count how many weeks you’ll need to spend studying. 

By the number of hours, you can study each week, divide the total number of hours you must study. Consider your weeks to be half-weeks if you have three or more days that are unavailable for study. This will tell you how many weeks you’ll need to prepare before the exam. 

    4. Depending on when you will be finished, choose a testing date. 

It’s possible that you “complete” the required number of hours before this specific day. It’s possible that you’d prefer to take the test on a weekend or that you’ll be preoccupied on exam day due to other commitments.  

Keep in mind that you can extend your study time for the Enrolled Agent exam. You can get ahead of the schedule by studying more. This is especially useful if you have later in your study schedule unforeseen life circumstances that might prevent you from studying.  

Kind of questions are on the EA exam 

  • Contrary to popular belief, you will never be required to complete a tax form for the EA test. Instead, you will put your mastery of tax law to the test as you apply it to a variety of circumstances.
    There are three types of multiple-choice questions on the exam: 
  • Direct Questions 
  • Incomplete Sentences 
  • All of the Following Except 

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Last but not least! 

You need to start studying after creating your study plan. View Simandhar’s EA study advice to aid in your preparation for the Enrolled Agent exam. The next step is to sign up with Prometric for the Enrolled Agent exam. Once you have passed all three tests, you must submit Form 23 to the IRS to apply for enrollment. 


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