Top 5 Technologies in Creating new Job roles for Accountants.

Due to productivity optimization, the accounting profession is transforming rapidly. Nowadays, it's easy for the accountants to handle the task-oriented projects. Instead of shifting the dynamic accounting technologies, the role of Accountant is changing as a business advisor. The new role of business advisor needs critical thinking skills like professional scepticism and judgement. For any accounting firm, these skills play an essential role in the new hires. Soft skills are a must for every individual because of the rapid change in the profession.

Let's discuss the top technologies in creating new job roles for Accountants:

  1. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence helps in automating the repetitive tasks with increased efficiency and reduced operating cost. It supports the Accountant's transitional role by making it a critical thinking role.

  1. Cloud Computing:

It's internet-based computing which is used to provide data processing resources to the devices on demand. It allows the accountants to deliver financial information and perform accounting tasks through the cloud. For the Accountants, it's a new way to work with the clients. There's a lot of time to focus on the business strategy with detailed processes.

  1. Tax Software Innovations:

At present, the tax software helps a lot in increasing the accuracy and reducing margin errors to prevent the stakeholders' issues and to avoid tax penalties. The tax software also streamlines the audits efficiently. There should be a good understanding of financial models for effective audits.  

  1. Mobile Accounting:

The mobile devices access the data; that's why the number of accountants is increasing. "Xero" company helps to launch mobile accounting. The mobile applications help businesses by sending invoices and creating claims from tablets or smartphones. The mobile apps do different things for companies.

  1. Social Media:

Social Media is an essential tool for engaging potential clients in expanding the brand. It will continue to provide accountants with a marketing platform that can easily connect the firms to the clients. Many of the accounting firms understand the significance of traditional marketing, but there are some other firms still not recognized the power of Social Media marketing strategies.


To remain relevant in the accounting industry, the accountants will need to accept the advances in accounting technology. It includes the optimization of current accounting software to meet the requirements of the firm. Hope you've found the details of the five technologies in creating new job roles for accountants. Happy to share the article with you.

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