CMA USA vs CMA India: Which is better?

Students are often overwhelmed in deciding the best course among CMA USA and CMA India

Let’s focus on the major differences between the two courses.

  • CMA USA course duration is one year whereas CMA India course duration is for three years.
  • The regulatory body for CMA USA is “Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)”, but for CMA India it is “Institute of Cost Accountants for India.”
  • The pass criteria for the CMA USA exam is 360/500, but for the CMA India exam, it depends on the percentages (40% in individual papers and 50% aggregate).
  • One should be eligible for CMA USA exam only when he has passed class 12 or UG, CMA India, the eligibility is Class 12 pass.
  • There are two parts in the CMA USA exam format, and for CMA India it has three levels (foundation, intermediate, and final levels).
  • CMA India is an Indian certification whereas CMA USA is globally recognized.
  • In CMA USA, the article-ship is not applicable, and for CMA India the article-ship is applicable for six months.
  • CMA USA focuses on auditing and cost reduction, but CMA India focuses on cost control.


CMA India

Course Duration

1 Year

3 Years

Regulatory body

Institute of Management Accountants

Institute of Cost Accountants of India


Class 12 / UG

Class 12

Course format

2 parts

3 levels (foundation, intermediate and final level)

Pass Criteria

Minimum of 360 marks out of 500

40% for individual papers and 50% aggregate.


Globally recognised

Indian certification


Not applicable

6 months

Focuses on 

Cost Reduction

Cost Controlling

CMA is considered as the highest level of certification in management, but the course credibility increases when it is awarded by IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) USA. 

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