Assess your Strengths & Weaknesses to prepare for the CPA Exam.

The CPA aspirants must assess their strengths and weaknesses to prepare well for the CPA exam. During the preparation of physical well-being, mental stability, and technical preparations are considered.

Let’s start: How to be healthy physically before the CPA exam?

Physical well-being:

It’s not necessary to have a good body shape before the CPA exam. But, it’s essential to take some time to think about the attributes of physical well-being during the preparation process. Besides, develop what you can do to deal with the physical problems. Do you smoke? It doesn’t mean to stop smoking completely, but it doesn’t allow it during the CPA exam. The entire duration of the exam is 14 hours, in that period you must be free from smoke. Audit and Attestation are the lengthiest sections having more than four and one-half hours. So, be careful and avoid smoking. Also, you need to avoid alcohol or other drugs during the exam duration. If you want proper guidance, then seek help from professionals. Stress and pressure are the two things that lead to addiction to intoxication. Before going to start the exam preparation, take care of yourself by getting out of these things. 

Long or late hours of study may harm the eyes. Infection may spread. If you’ve eyesight, get new glasses before sitting for the CPA exam. Be sure to read the numbers on the computer screen properly. You are not allowed to take eye drops in the area of testing. All those medication things must leave in a locker in the reception area. You may take the medicines during the breaks. Also, the preparation time leads to consuming more food and makes you drowsy at the time of the exam. So, concentrate on your physical well-being before sitting for the CPA exam.

Mental state:

Mental preparedness helps to clear your mind by resolving the conflicts in life. You have to resolve all the disputes and things that distract you before attending the CPA exam. The human brain is always ready to help you whenever you are in a state of mental discomfort. If you have mental disturbances, then it’s better to delay the exam. If you are preoccupied with many thoughts, then it isn’t easy to concentrate on the exam. So, get rid of all the disturbances in your life and admit your weaknesses.

Technical abilities:

Technical abilities play an essential role to get a good score on the CPA exam. Many areas are encompassing things. The first thing you have to keep in mind is to evaluate your technical strengths and weaknesses by individual exam section. The study material might be changed, but the focus must not. 

The more are likely to forget - The longer time between the CPA exam and the coursework.

Significantly over time - The content changes probably.

The best advice to increase your technical ability is to study current materials. To overcome the weaknesses, learn something about everything. By practicing the test papers more, you can remember the answers well. 

All the very best!

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